Unsolicited quotes about Jim

“Jim Krenz is a treasure trove of ideas and a powerhouse of innovation. Check out his online store and support a true innovator — an “inside guy” who’s sharing some brilliant ideas.”

R Paul Wilson


“Dude who fooled me the most with cards: In 1991, it was Spain’s Juan Tamariz; In 1992, it was Sweden’s Lennart Green; In 1993, it was Chicago Conjurer Jim Krenz.”

Dan Garrett
(From M.U.M.—the national publication of the Society of American Magicians)


After reviewing a number of other prominent close-up magicians (including Chuck Fayne, Bill Goldman and Eugene Burger) who performed at the National Society of Magicians Convention in 1994:
“Jim Krenz was my personal favorite due to his very likable character and absolutely astounding card work. He brought the house down with his signed cards routine.”

Erika Larsen
(From Genii—the International Conjurors’ Magazine)


“I literally saw jaws drop at Krenz’s multiple signed card revelation.”

(From Magic—the Independent Magazine for Magicians)


“When I was a child I was fascinated with the magical emotion that I felt upon watching magicians. I could not comprehend anything—what I would see was impossible; now I love to feel this emotion. It does not occur very often. Normally, I can see behind the curtain—I see the “hidden” secrets and the mechanics. But from time to time a magician performs a trick, or several tricks that seem impossible—and the magical emotion returns. This happens to me with Jim Krenz (how wonderful!). For this, thank you Jim!”

Juan Tamariz